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My name is Dawid and I’m a web designer & developer currently based in Cracow, Poland. I’ve started doing professional works in web design in 2008. As the time has passed, experience allowed me to craft my skills. I’ve been constantly trying to improve every day. I’m technically proficient, easy to work with and I love my job. So what are you waiting for? Check out the best of my personal pieces by scrolling down.

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Katie Jordans

Katie Jordans

Simple, elegant and responsive website for Katie Jordans that I design and develop as well. Katie is an english speaker, actrees and translator for film, radio and television. We decided to keep it as simple as possible, combined with smooth horizontal scrolling of the whole website.



ActionFinish is a mobile and web application for businesses, which enables them to go mobile with their workflows. So it allows any business to capture whatever information is important to them on a mobile device and sync that information back to the cloud. I was responsible for Mobile/ Web & UI Design, branding is designed by Piotr Płoch.

Louise Alexander Gallery

Louise Alexander

Responsive Web Design created for Louise Alexander Gallery. Opened in 2007 in Porto Cervo (Italy) by French collectors and Director Frederic Arnal, the gallery has now extended its activities and organises exhibitions in Paris and London.

Online: louise-alexander.com


EasyAdmin is bootstrap and modern technologies based admin dashboard that could be used for every purpose. Main goal was to build lightweight, useable and functional theme including clean content placement as well as easy customization.



Simple website adressed to customers, businesses or institutions interesed in manufacturing of security certificate.

See it also on: Behance
Życie Jest Piękne


Życie Jest Piękne is a possitive blog about dreams. Author creates the list of his dreams for example to see a bear on Alaska, try bungee jumping etc.

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Pracownia Stolarska — Stanisław Madej

Furniture workshop

I was asked to redesign and develop website for the furniture workshop. Pracownia Stolarska Stanisław Madej was founded in 1977 and since then has been a member of the Guild of Handicraft in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland. The team consist of a few well-experienced and skilled workers.

Online: meblemadej.pl
See it also on: Behance
Portal Insimilion


Insimilion is a game portal since 10 years. Simultaneously concentrated on cRPG. They combine the advantages of fans' approach to content creation, they create an open site where anyone who wants can add something (calling themselves “The cRPG Wiki”), they are glad to accept the content niche and very popular and building a knowledge base about the game.

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Skills & Awards

Web & UI Design
Do you need a website or UI? Every project I work on is unique. I never use templates and I never recycle designs. Expierence allows me to do beautiful websites which can help you stand out in your market.
Web Development
I do websites based on HTML5 and CSS3, every project is cross-browser. So no matter which browser visitor use. Do you already have a design? I’m able to code it.
If you need to update content frequently and don’t know HTML, don’t fret! I could develop the easy-to-use WordPress template to be customizable, fully functional and envy-generating.
  1. Featured in Behance (x2)
  2. Featured in Adweek Talent Gallery
  3. Featured in Student Show Gallery
  4. NajlepszeWWW Site of the day
  5. CSS Design Award Nominee
  6. CSSWinner.com Nominee
  7. CSSREEL.com Nominee
  8. Featured in Design Your Way
  9. Featured in gopalbonline.com
  10. Featured in markedlines.com
  11. Featured in nenuno.co.uk (x2)
  12. Featured in designzzz.com

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